Why choose a video product?

rental property inventoryEveryone loves video and we believe this format should be your first choice when selecting a property inventory or assessment service! When renting out your property we appreciate you have a choice when selecting a provider and that you can choose a number of different written formats. So why limit yourself to one? when you can have a comprehensive inventory or assessment report supported by high definition video.

Our inventories and schedule of condition reports, and our risk assessment services, are supported by detailed video documentary evidence. We have developed a highly efficient production process and can now offer them at a similar price that many of our competitors charge for their standard written inventories.

Property inventory services

Written inventories alone are often, quite literally, not worth the paper they are written on. They are either too brief with no schedule of condition or are too long and ambiguous to be of any use as evidence. Photographs are obviously an improvement but it is impossible to foresee what may be damaged at the end of a tenancy. Without a video record of the items in question and the surrounding area, all a tenant has to do is simply claim “it was like that when I moved in” and you will inevitable lose out in a dispute.

Video based inventory products are recognised as the most accurate way of conducting a property inventory. They are the preferred format of the organisations that operate the Tenancy Deposit Schemes. We use similar procedures as the police to provide you with all the necessary evidence in the event of a dispute. A typical thirty minute video inventory will provide the equivalent of around 37,000 digital photographs and will also show your assets in context which gives an adjudicator a true impression of the overall condition before and after the tenancy.

Our service works on three levels:

  1. it alerts a tenant from the outset that they will be held accountable for the condition of the property and there will be no chance to make spurious claims
  2. should there be any evidence of damage at the end of the tenancy, you will be able to provide the best possible evidence for adjudication
  3. should the tenant persevere with a claim you will already have the evidence on hand to support your case to end the dispute quickly and without hassle

In summary we offer:

  • competitive prices with a discount for multiple bookings
  • a comprehensive written report in PDF format supported by HD video footage
  • an efficient service providing a quick turnaround for production and reporting
  • online storage with instant access to your reports and video footage
  • a highly professional video service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • bookings at short notice, should you have an immediate requirement
  • the highest level of customer service, as you would expect from the market leader
  • a reputable brand with highly trained and accredited agents throughout the UK